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Left: Me and Martha performing Appalachian Spring in Tokyo, 1955.

Airplane Pilot to Martha Graham Dancer

     I took my first dance lesson three months out of the U.S. Army Air Corps. That's when I learned that there was something even more fun than flying airplanes. I'd been an Army Air Corps B-17 pilot, was now back at Brooklyn College wondering about a major.  For no reason I dropped into the Martha Graham Studio in Lower Manhattan, signed up for a month of lessons. One, and I was hooked. 
    People ask, "How do you go from flying to dancing?" It was easy; both operate in  space, both demand skills and practice,  and both  give you power over a new dimension: flying of the dimension above, dancing of a dimension within. 

In the photo  left, I'm at the controls of a  Vultee Valiant, BT-13, a  "basic" trainer,  Minter Field, Bakersfield, California.  I hated Sundays because it was a day off, and we didn't fly.

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And still Flying!

Miriam Cole, me, Linda Hodes
Left is my entrance as Fire, in Martha Graham's Canticles for Innocent Commedians.

Each of the twelve pages that follow has an excerpt and a picture from one chapter of my new memoir, "PART REAL-PART DREAM:Dancing with Martha Graham, Agnes deMille, Jack Cole, and others." It will be digitally published in June,  2011. I describe it briefly in the 4-minute video below.

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This is the starting position of Martha Graham's "Exercise on Six" First time I tried, it squeezed my knees,  but they soon toughened up. To see the exercise done, click the video clip below. I consider it the world's shortest dance masterpiece.