From Chapter 6 - "Critics Say"


The best "notice" I ever got was from playwright, Wendy Wasserstein, in her book, Shiksa Goddess. After seeing I Thought You Were Dead at Dance Theater Workshop, she wrote:
"I loved the Dancers Over 40.  Especially a waltz danced by Stuart Hodes and Alice Teirstein.  Hodes was Martha Graham's partner in the 1950s. His face is amazing, and his dancing was elegant and joyous.  Nick and I want to cast him in our film."
    I hadn't met her, she's not a dance critic, can have no axe to grind, so I can happily believe what she wrote. How I wish she'd been able to make her film.

Left is the cover of Wasserstein's sweet and funny book.
My "notice" is on page 57

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